The municipal territory of Garda and Costermano lends itself to short walks as well to more demanding hikes. You can do both on foot or by bicycle. The tours not only offer the possibility to understand and appreciate the lake for the historical villages and the landscape, but also for the nature to discover along trails through forests and areas with beautiful views.
Lake Garda is reflected in a variety of landscapes that make him a unique place: the upper part is squeezed between steep mountains and the lower part is surrounded by rolling green hills.
From the naturalistic point of view it is worth pointing out the richness and variety of vegetation: on the lake shores you will find the rare reeds, especially in the area of San Vigilio. In the range below 200 m you will find a Mediterranean vegetation with olive trees, vineyards, cypresses, oleanders, holm oaks and laurels. The next higher vegetation belt is characterized by oaks and ash trees and copies of hazelnut trees.
These species are associated with various perennials, such as: butcher’s broom, privet, juniper, rose hips and flowers, especially in areas with less dense undergrowth, such as: primroses, heather, strawberries but also various types of orchids.
These various vegetation belts provide natural habitats for fauna and micro-fauna, full of birds, amphibians and insects.
The proposed tours reveal a less familiar side of the lake but of great charm which certainly deserves to be explored.