Eremo dei Camaldolesi

Via Camaldolesi > Eremo dei Camaldolesi >
Rocca Vecchia > Canevini Alti > San Bernardo
  • Distance - 7,3 km
  • Lenght - 1 h
  • Level difference - 205 m
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The tour starts at the end of the industrial area of Garda where you will find the signs for this route.
After walking some distance along the bike path through meadows and forest, you reach a milestone that marks the border between Garda, Bardolino and Costermano. Continuing to the right before reaching the paved road, turn right onto a path that runs along relatively flat farmland until you reach the dirt road that leads to the hermitage of Camaldolesi, an ancient Benedictine monastery founded in 1663, a place of peace and meditation (access to fixed opening times).
Routes A and B both involve a trip to Rocca Vecchia (Old Fortress) and Eremo dei Camaldolesi (Hermitage), as both destinations are easily accessible and always worth a visit.