• 1 full-day entrance at the Parco Termale del Garda – Villa dei Cedri
    The location is an enchanting and centuries-old 13 hectares park, enclosing historical residencies and ancient buildings (15th c. – 19th c.), 2 thermal lakes respectively of 5,500 m2 and 2,200 m2, a partially covered 440 m2 thermal swimming pool constructed according to the most advanced criteria and a wellness centre with Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, treatment cabins, high pressure tanning booth, indoor thermal swimming pool and relaxing areas. A profusion of fountains, waterfalls, immerse water jets, geysers and hydro massages with different pressures, enhance the salubrious effects of the precious waters (see park).
  • 1 Treatment Program, consisting of:

a) 1 Thermal Face Treatment/Mask
b) 1 Ritual/whole Body Massage of your choice among the following

  1. Tibet Massage
    Holistic massage, during and after it you will experience a pleasant feeling of warmth, lightness and deep relaxation. Himalayan stones and bundles filled with Dead Sea salts combined with almond oil give you a feeling of wellbeing and regeneration. This massage has naturally exfoliating, toning, draining, oxygenating, anti-cellulite
  2. Ritual “Villa Dei Cedri”
    Reach, indulging body and facial ritual with citrus fruits, cedar wood and ginger essence:

    • Relaxing and exfoliating massage through the synergy of essential oils: citrus fruits for ladies and spices for gentlemen
    • Final massage with aromatic candle, to enhance a long lingering sense of well-being
  3. Relax Massage
    Anti-stress massage, improves tissue vascularisation, reduces muscular tension related to stress, rejuvenates your body
  4. Lymphatic Drainage Massage
    Massage technique that encourages lymph flow in the body. It is particularly good for detoxification and recommended for the treatment of the lower and upper extremities. It reduces swelling and gives you a feeling of wellbeing
  5. “Resonanze”® Abdominal Massage
    A unique holistic treatment with gentle stimulation of the abdominal peristalsis, nourishing and regenerating the abdominal tissue. It consists of:

    • herbal tea with diuretic and relaxing effects
    • lymphatic stimulation with phytotherapic synergies
    • vacuum massage of the abdomen
    • abdominal massage with energizing cream “Villa dei Cedri”
    • bells for restructuring the resonance of the body’s energy
  6. “Resonanze”® Spinal Massage
    Therapy treating muscle tension and restoring body balance. It consists of:

    • relaxation with a hot rolled towel
    • vacuum massage of the vertebral column
    • wrap with arnica oil and thermal pillow
    • bells for restructuring the resonance of the body’s energy
  7. Medical Fitness/Sport Massage Myointensive therapeutic manipulation  done by Motor Science qualified staff
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